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Features of The Weekender

Features of The Weekender

We’ve created the functional bag moms need without sacrificing the style, quality and social good they crave. We want moms and kids and families to keep on adventuring so we designed all of our features with you in mind.

In preparation for our pre-sale launch on Thursday, October 17, we want to get you excited about these very features that will keep your adventuring organized, simplified and most importantly, fun.

The Weekender has:

| 1 | Structured dividers for simplified and organized packing.

| 2 | Two internal zippered pockets for safe keeping.

| 3 | Two deep outer pockets for easy to grab items.

| 4 | A thick over the shoulder strap that will hold the weight of what you pack and not dig into your shoulder.

| 5 | A backpack strap option to keep you hands free.

| 6 | Solid brass hardware. Maybe not a feature you normally look for in your bags, but this hardware will stand to the test of time. Adventure anywhere and the color won’t change or chip. It will only become more beautiful.

| 7 | Full grain leather exterior. Simple to take care of and becomes more rich and luxurious over time. Durable, practical, high quality.

| 8 | A durable lining material that can easily be wiped and won’t ruin if you have a spill!

| 9 | A framed opening to allow you to easily (and quickly) see all that you’ve packed. It opens so nicely, you may not even choose to unpack when you arrive at your adventure, but use The Weekender as your home base for all your packed goodies.

| 10 | Room to spare. We know packing for kids requires a lot of stuff. This bag will hold it all and then leave room for more—to pack another baby or give yourself some breathing room.

| 11 | Quality and production you can be proud of.

We cannot wait to see where your adventures take you.

xoxo, Lisa

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