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BTS: The Creation of Prim & Clove

BTS: The Creation of Prim & Clove

| 1 | How did you come up with the name Prim & Clove?

I LOVE baby names. I considered it an honor and such an exciting opportunity to name each of my kids (Maven (5), Sylvie (3), Rush (almost 2)) and spent a lot of time considering unique, strong, interesting names that my children could wear with pride throughout their lives. With our third baby, we decided not to find out the sex, so we came up with a few boy and girl names. A few months later I was struggling to name this company and had an "aha" moment. As those of you who are entrepreneurs and small business owners know, growing a company is, in many ways, like birthing a child; so full of hope, excitement, anticipation, hard work, long nights, sweat, and tears. So it only made sense to me to name this company the two names we had picked out had Rush been a girl: Prim & Clove. These were names I loved, names with meaning, and truly, naming P&C confirmed just how dedicated I am to bringing this brand to life!

| 2 | When was Prim & Clove born?

So it’s funny, but I think of P&C’s creation as being a lot like a pregnancy. In that sense, Prim & Clove is just “being born” as you read this first edition of The List(!!!), though it has been gestating for many years.

| 3 | Ok, please indulge us in this pregnancy metaphor! What was the first trimester of P&C like?

I’ve never been a glowing pregnant person, and have always struggled with doubt and worry as I slogged through the longgggg first trimester; in that way P&C's first trimester is a perfect parallel. It began many years ago when I went to grad school in Public Health, where I married my background in marketing and psychology with my passion for understanding and creating large-scale change. I wrote my thesis on social-good businesses’ capacity for reducing malnutrition. This work really lit a fire in me to some day be a business owner who created those types of jobs that provided widespread, crucial benefits to high-risk populations globally, though at the time I had no idea where to focus my entrepreneurial desires.

| 4 | And what about second trimester?

This is when I finally figured out my calling, what I was meant to be doing. That is when I actually became a mom and had a dream to create a product that was going to make: | 1 | my life easier as a mother, and, even more importantly | 2 | represent the type of lifestyle I wanted to live and be supported in as a mom AND so much more. I knew that by clearing out the clutter and getting organized I felt empowered to get out and live an adventurous, joyful life with my family AND I to be true to my roots as my own person who loves style, beauty, and well-made objects.

| 5 | The third?

Ok, you know how when you’re leading up to the end of pregnancy you’re just really ready for it to be over? You’re uncomfortable, you can’t wait to meet your little one, you feel like life is just on pause. That is exactly what this past year has been with Prim & Clove and our struggles to bring these products to life. Manufacturing has been so full of hoops to jump through and dead ends, though this path ultimately lead us to find an amazing manufacturer who is a perfect partner for us in terms of product quality, ethical standards, and an unyielding commitment to the artisan women it employs. In short, this baby came exactly when she was ready to and the timing ended up being perfect, despite my impatience.

| 6 | Why is it so important to you that Prim & Clove employ women?

With my public health background, I know how uniquely vulnerable female populations are around the world. I also know that employing women leads to improvements throughout families, communities, and generations. From The Collective, to the artisans with the perfect manufacturing partner, to the moms carrying our bags: I want every part of Prim & Clove to support, benefit and empower women.

| 7 | What are your biggest goals for Prim & Clove over the next year?

  1. My top priority is keeping the true north of Prim & Clove front and center: The Collective. To me, The Collective is the group of women who gather here at Prim & Clove to support, encourage, and empower one another. On a larger scale, The Collective is really all of the women and mothers in each of our lives who believe in us, keep us going on our hardest days, and with whom we can share our biggest hopes and fears not only as mothers but throughout our lives.

  2. I’d love for The List to take off and grow and become this irresistible, super practical, ultra-digestible place that moms can rely on for quick content they love. You know, because lists are fun and moms are busy.

  3. To bring our first two products—The Weekender and The Mama Tote—to life for our mamas who are seeking stylish, organized, ethically made alternatives to the “bleh” diaper and duffle bags currently on the market.

  4. Bonus goal: I’m really hoping to explore a bag that, as a breastfeeding and pumping mom, I so wish had been on the market when I was navigating that stage!

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