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10 Things You Don't Know About P&C Founder, Lisa

10 Things You Don't Know About P&C Founder, Lisa


| 1 | What is your middle name? Your kids middle names?

My middle name is Marie. Yes, I’m from the era of Lisa Marie. My kids are Maven Molly, Sylvie Savannah, Rush Robert. We went with the matching first letter because it has a cute ring to it, but each middle name has a significance in our life.

| 2 | What does a typical Saturday look like for you?

I fiercely protect Saturday mornings and keep them as slow as possible. I know a day will come when soccer tournaments and activities will take over this time, so for now, I savor it. I like to wake up later than usual and Mark makes pancakes or waffles so we can have a hot breakfast as a family. Our kids play as we sit and talk, and then I usually run around the house cleaning up a bit before we venture out for errands or a park visit together. We like to stop out for lunch and * if we’re lucky * the whole family takes an afternoon nap.

| 3 | What do you do for childcare while you and Mark are at work?

We have the most amazing nanny who is a dear friend of ours. We treasure her!

| 4 | Are you planning on having more kids?

We don’t feel that our family is complete as we are right now. How we expand is still to be determined.

| 5 | What was your wedding like?

Mark and I were married on a hot sunny day, July 13 to be exact, under the most beautiful tree on a farm in front of a small group of our closest friends and family. His brother married us. I didn’t wear my wedding dress and he didn’t wear his suit. We had to adapt plans at the last minute due to a family tragedy, but looking back, wouldn’t have chosen a more special circumstance to start our lives as husband and wife.

| 6 | Do your kids understand what you do for work?

Their level of comprehension varies. They know I work very hard and love what I do. And, they love to pack and unpack sample bags as I’m working through them.

| 7 | What 3-5 things help you feel stylish, cool, chic, even when you're ankle deep in mom-ing?

Freshly threaded eyebrows, a neutral gel manicure and my high-rise button up Madewell jeans.

| 8 | How would you describe your personal style?

I’ve learned that my personal style is mostly about what makes me feel good. Some days I feel good in a dress and heels and other days I feel good in high waisted jeans and a basic tee. Overall, I’d call my style eclectic, trying new trends, but stay true to simple and feminine while every once in a while accomplishing the goal of looking (or mostly feeling) effortlessly sexy.

| 9 | Wine or beer or margarita?

Margarita. Hands down.

| 10 | Dream girls trip?

Napa Valley, CA. I went with Mark a handful of years ago and it was so fun and so beautiful. I’d love to go back with a group of friends and visit a LOT of wineries.



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