We believe that women are not limited

but expanded by motherhood.


Our Mission

Prim & Clove is a small business on a big mission: to create a space for women to gather to support, empower, and appreciate one another as we all journey through this beautiful mess called motherhood. Like you, we’re adventurous, multi-passionate mamas who always have spare snacks in our purse and have perfected our top knot in the minivan’s rearview mirror. We’re “yes, and” kind of people.

Yes, being a mom is the most massive responsibility/blessing, the deepest challenge/joy AND we know that you’re so much more than “mama.”

Yes, we create highly functional, organized, simplified bags for moms AND we will never sacrifice aesthetics or style.

Yes, we only produce items made of the highest quality materials AND we proudly source and manufacture exclusively through ethical, women-led companies.

Yes, we’re here to serve you with our Collective, The List, and our products, AND we’re here to learn from and grow alongside you.


thanks for being here


Lisa Boettcher

founder & designer

Hi there, I’m Lisa, the creator of Prim & Clove. My hope is that in each sentence of this site and in every stitch on our products you’ll feel my admiration and appreciation for you.

In founding Prim & Clove, I knew that I wanted to make beautiful, high-quality, functional bags for adventurous moms—the exact thing that I wanted so badly but could not find anywhere as I went from being a mom of one (Maven, age 5), to two (Sylvie, age 3), and then three (Rush, almost 2).

Prim & Clove is pretty much my fourth baby. And while this business-pregnancy wasn’t easy, the community we are building, the women we’re employing and empowering in every aspect of our practices, and the ethically made, stylish products we’re creating make my soul sing.

I truly believe that becoming a mom has made me a better person + I’m so grateful to share pieces of that with you. You’ll probably hear me say this a lot, but thank you, mama, for being here.

xoxo Lisa